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Adam Foster
United States
Tell me about it...
This Footage was produced by Me, Steve. So please be advised that I'm still alive aft-20312135ytgdf4eH3423E4543534R67O43B4332R3645I3534N543E

Steve: Okay, Is this thing on o- Oh hello! Im gonna do this whole Daily Routine of mine to you guys! Is this gonna be exciting or what? It will!
Then Steve navigated his way Through the bedroom, Down the stairs, To the living room in a flash to get His Pickaxe and his Axe and started to do some of his "Daily Chores" of his.

Steve: So, Here's the magnificent environment where the Tree's always grow, The flowers bloom, the water is clear, the grass is greener, and the Natural Animals are always here by our side! So lets begin our journey!
After he said the dialogue like sentence, He caught a glimpse of a Mysterious Figure hovering and Observing him amongst the hillside. Causing Steve to be suspicious enough to recognize it.

"Uh, Did you see that? It was a human being! I Guess? Nah, Im just hallucinating again." So Steve wandered off to the woods to get Resources like Wood and Stone for his Upcoming Misadventures like every Minecrafter should. But Steve still had the Mental photograph of that Mysterious Observing Figure in his blocky cranium.

Meanwhile, It got pretty dark outside and Steve always knew his way home. So he jogged his Blocky Legs and Feet all the way to his Mobile Home. He covered up in his Sheets and Quilts of his bed in the Bedroom and fell to sleep. Suddenly, after a few hours to spare. Steve noticed his camera still On, downstairs, in the living room.

Camera 1: ONLINE
3:06:27 PM

At 4:10:36 PM, Steve heard a large "CRACK" downstairs. Steve Alerted, "What the hell was that!". Steve darted all the way to the living room to see what it was. What Steve saw frightened him, It was that same figure in his mind. With Open Glowing White Eyes and the same skin as Steve. So Steve ran out the door Calling his friends to send him to a police station. Police arrived at the scene to see what it was. Apparently the Police found square hand prints on the Glass.

Steve talked to all of his friends and said, "Everyone this is important, I Have an intruder in my house. He had glowing white eyes. With that evil look on his face, Like he wants to kill me or rape me!". His polite friends was shocked when they saw the tooken photos of him. His one friend Billy said, "That Steve is Herobrine, He like to see your fear. He feeds off of every tear you shed. He likes it, Its a dead miner." Steve didn't know what and why he did this. But as soon as that. He knew it was all true, All true his happiest moments washed away in Depression. Steve returned home to grab his Diamond Sword, Getting ready to kill himself in front of thousands of people. And he did. With all the blood splattered on the wall. Never Revolved again, When he ruled the land.

Signed Around,
Sunday, February 17, 2013
by The Mamer 2013

If you see any errors in this or anything. Its okay! I Know its not my best of making this "Fan-Fic" or somthing. Thanks For Reading!

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